Books, books, and more books…

One of my original plans when starting this blog was to get involved in children’s books a lot more. Reading has been a huge part of my life, and I am usually found with more than one book on the go. We were reading to Bea before she was born, and it is one of her favourite activities to do before bedtime. Her tastes are forever changing and evolving, but it makes me incredibly proud to see her walking around with various books and getting really excited about them! Yes, inevitably this involves a lot of repetition, but I think this was to be expected! I have definitely expanded my knowledge of children’s books in the last twelve months, and we need a fair few more shelves as a result!

To date, I’ve only managed one book review in eighteen months. That’s pretty poor, and way under what I’d hoped to do! In the next month I will be doing two reviews of books from Sweet Cherry Publishing, who got in touch a while back. This also means I’m involved in a blog tour for the first (and second) time this month! The aim is to review children’s books of all ages over time. Check out the Instagram and Twitter pages for more reminders of specific dates as I’ll be retweeting the offcial banners and stuff. Check out the snazzy hashtag #Febbookary as well for more conversation about reading.

In a brief attempt to get my book reviewing back up to speed, I’m going to do some speed reviews of some of our favs…

1. Where’s Mr Lion?

This is a big favourite with me, purely because Nosy Crow have solved that problem of the crumpled flaps we’ve got on all of our Julia Donaldson books. I’d never seen felt flaps before, but they are far more satisfying! There are some bold, colourful illustrations and some nice simple repetition that is easy for your chatty little one to get involved with! There’s also an engaging mirror at the end, which in our experience leads to a tongue poking out or turning the book to see mummy/daddy in the reflection!

2. The Bear and The Piano

This was one of the first picture books we bought for Bea. Lucy and I loved the story of a bear discovering an unusual gift for piano playing and his heartwarming return to his friends and family. Bea has gone through phases of liking this, and is now at the stage where she has the patience to sit for a bit longer and simply listen. There is even a version of this with sounds- we don’t normally buy repeats of things but may make an exception!

3. The Hat Trilogy

My sister introduced me to these when my nephew was tiny, and I had to get them when zbea was born. Jon Klassen is up there with my favourite illustrators(I would love a print for her room some day…), and I can’t wait till Bea is old enough to get the moral- if you steal someone’s hat, things aren’t going to end well…ok, maybe there’s something more meaningful at work there, but it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a few voices. The crab in the book pictured (That’s Not My Hat) gets me every time, it looks so guilty!

4. Each Peach Pear Plum

An oldie, but a goodie picked up in a charity shop. Bea has fallen in love with it over the last month and always joins in with the rhyming words on the page. As I mentioned in the ‘Beactionary’ post, I am loving every new word she discovers and uses! Getting her to point out all the items and things too is awesome to see as well.

5. Blown Away

I think we got this at the same time as The Bear and The Piano. Rob Biddulph has a clean, modern style of illustration and gets a surprising amount of expression into a range of animals in a short space of time. Lots of extra details to spot over repeat readings and a lovely rhythm to the book make this a joint favourite! His ‘Odd Dog Out’ was a recent library pick and had to be smuggled back! His daily post it notes for his daughter are both inspirational(ie, I’d love to do something similar) and so varied!

So there you have it. A glimpse into some of our bedtime reading! Keep your eyes peeled for more bookish things in #Febbookary and comment with your favourite reads!

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Ok, in my last post I mentioned that I would explain the meaning behind the hashtag that sits under the title of my blog page. Originally, the strapline was ‘a (relatively) positive look at parenting’ as I felt a lot of what I’d heard about parenting was pretty negative – focused heavily on logistics, lack of sleep and how your life isn’t your own any more. Continue reading “#ParentingIsAwesome”

Beacember Advent Calendar Day #4

‘Bea’cember continues into day four!

We spent today with an old friend who was meeting Beatrice for the first time, and went for a wander in the glorious winter sunshine. Beatrice was fully wrapped up, which is a big change from the simple vest look she had been rocking in August! Lucy and I however, in a move that many people can probably relate to, didn’t clothe ourselves accordingly and both got rather chilly after our long walk!

We’re also back onto what I’m going to name the ‘Syringe Struggles’. Whilst the new technique we’ve picked up (Google is so good for tips!) feel a bit brutal, and Bea definitely isn’t a fan, at least she is taking the medication now. Fortunately, her discomfort seems to have been quickly forgotten and we both got smiles soon after.

Onto what you’ve all come for, today’s reveal. So far we’ve had a blanket, a candle, and some pudding socks. I restrained from adding to her collection too whilst in Next, they do some really cute stuff! For day four, here’s one of her Christmas decorations for the tree, picked up at the Craft fair mentioned in Daddy Daughter Days. I should’ve remembered where I bought it from to give them a shout out, sorry!

day 4.jpg

Simple, but I really like it!

Day 5…? One of my favourites!




‘Beacember’ Begins!

As promised, here’s the start of our ‘Beacember’ advent calendar. I’m going to try and catalogue our collection of Christmas-related baby items and the countdown to our first Christmas together. I have a feeling the fairy lights will become a permanent feature of her bookshelves so I won’t count those!

I’ll start with a fairly traditional advent candle sent to us by a friend a couple of days ago:


#AdventCalendar #Beacember #Tryingouthashtags #Christmas

Preview of day two…

Day 2 teaser.jpg