Ok, in my last post I mentioned that I would explain the meaning behind the hashtag that sits under the title of my blog page. Originally, the strapline was ‘a (relatively) positive look at parenting’ as I felt a lot of what I’d heard about parenting was pretty negative – focused heavily on logistics, lack of sleep and how your life isn’t your own any more.

In essence, it’s one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place! From the moment we knew we were going to be parents, I knew I was ready to be a dad, and was relishing the challenges it would bring (even if this didn’t come across to Lucy at the time!).

So why did I change the strapline? Simple – it was rubbish. I’m not naive. I know parenting isn’t always sunshine and daffodils, and that it’s full of challenges that I’m (we’re) yet to face.  The ‘relatively’ bit was intended to show my awareness of that.

Well, I dropped it. I’m going all in for the positivity, and laughing at the hard times as they’re ones that all other parents would have faced at some time or another.

Why #parentingisawesome?

This already exists no doubt as a hashtag somewhere. I’m still finding my feet on Instagram with the most useful ones for sure (give us a follow here). However, I found myself humming the ‘Everything Is Awesome’ tune from The Lego Movie (one of the dangers of working with children) and for some bizarre reason, I decided to change the first word to ‘parenting’. So whenever I see the hashtag, I guess I’m seeing little Lego parents dancing around to the tune! It’s a tragic bit of inspiration to be honest, but we all take it from different places! I quite like the way ‘everything is cool when you’re part of a team‘ fits in as well. We’re definitely a little team of three (with a wider family squad), and life’s much better when we’re all there!


I have plans for this hashtag to grow a bit too. I’m going to have a go at setting something up over the summer holidays (when/if I have time!) as a weekly celebration of why #parentingisawesome to collaborate with other bloggers and see how it goes!

A big thank you to @persialou on Twitter for her tutorial on how to make logos like the one I did above too. It was really easy!

Let me know your reasons as to why #parentingisawesome in the comments below!

P.S. Sorry for getting that stuck in your head…

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