Bedtime Reading 1: Once Upon an Alphabet

Since starting this blog, I’ve always wanted to include a regular book review feature. One of the most exciting parts of planning Bea’s nursery was where to put the books! At this point, some of you will be completely on board; others will be already be looking at other blogs by now… Continue reading “Bedtime Reading 1: Once Upon an Alphabet”


‘Beacember’ Begins!

As promised, here’s the start of our ‘Beacember’ advent calendar. I’m going to try and catalogue our collection of Christmas-related baby items and the countdown to our first Christmas together. I have a feeling the fairy lights will become a permanent feature of her bookshelves so I won’t count those!

I’ll start with a fairly traditional advent candle sent to us by a friend a couple of days ago:


#AdventCalendar #Beacember #Tryingouthashtags #Christmas

Preview of day two…

Day 2 teaser.jpg