Things to remember Vol .1

I started this blog to track as many memories and share my musings on being a dad. Recently, becoming a dad for a second time has left me with little time to reflect on those memories, so I’m aiming for a weekly list of important things to remember. It will probably end up including a few flippant ones as well, but so be it.

  1. Bea called me her ‘best friend’. Possibly the greatest thing since becoming a dad. She’s not going to be saying that when she’s older, so I’m cherishing it now!
  2. Felix has started smiling at me, and definitely reacting to my voice. This more than makes up for the tricky unsettled evenings when I’m exhausted and he won’t rest.
  3. Report writing is no fun with a newborn. I mean, it’s not usually fun anyway, but it takes time away from bonding as a family.
  4. Cheffy Daddy has been on top form, improving the chilli recipe and creating some new delicious curried chicken pastries. I’ve found I’ve really enjoyed cooking for guests and need to get on with the occasional recipe.
  5. Bea’s first dentist appointment -she was great apparently and even insisted on Lucy getting a sticker too!
  6. She’s reading books. Like whole books (short ones obviously). She’s doing it from memory, which is incredible and makes me smile every time she does it. I’m keeping fingers crossed that love of books passes onto her little brother!
  7. Bea is being an awesome big sister. Trying to comfort him when he’s crying, bringing him toys, etc. I’m sure it won’t last but I’m ever the optimist!
  8. Felix almost managed a full night’s sleep. More please littl’un! He’s more awake in the day, so I hope this tires him out!
  9. Plans are in place for birthday number two…
  10. I went a full day without seeing Bea thanks to an excellent school trip. The smile I got the morning after was exactly what I needed!

I’m hoping this continues to grow and will make me write more down.

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