Dad Dancing Vol. 2

Just a quick post whilst Bea’s having a nap. Check out Vol. 1 here.

These posts are all about seeing what Bea’s reaction to various music is. So far, basically anything that we do a cheesy dance to seems to be her favourite!

One of her favourites over December/January was this old Disney classic. We started humming it thanks to the school panto (Aladdin) and she just kept beaming!

This week I took a bit of a gamble on something more to my actual music tastes, and Bea was captivated by the mixing and scratching at the beginning! Long may this continue! Her first ‘gig’ was at a DJ Format & MC Abdominal concert (Lucy was about 10 weeks pregnant at the time), so I’m hoping her tastes were influenced early on…we then had a great boogie for about ten minutes full of giggles. Lots of funk/soul on show if you get through the first 2 minutes or so.


This may have more to do with the jiggling, tickling and tipping upside down (#daredevilbaby) but I’m going to credit the music choice this time!

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments! They may well feature in Vol. 3!

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