Vote for me at the Parent and Baby Show Blogger Awards!

Hello everyone! There’s been a lot of work behind the scenes as I’ve been working on making this a self-hosted site for most of the last month. However, in the meantime, there has been some exciting news! I’ve had a bit of help too…(she literally discovered how to change photos using the space bar. I didn’t even know that worked!)

I have made it onto a shortlist of Norfolk bloggers (our little neck of the woods!) for an award for the Norfolk Parent and Baby show awards 2018. I’m still a bit stunned, and I’m up against a variety of other blogs who are much bigger in terms of following!

However, I am very proud to be on the list, and if you like what you read and have two minutes to potentially give me and my wife a nice night out later in the year (grandparents are on standby for babysitting!), then click on the link below and fill out the form. You never know…

I’ve also been asked to guest blog on their site too, so will post a link to that when it’s up (hopefully on the new site)!

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs

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