Day 334: Where has the time gone?!

I’m sure every parent, new or old, can completely relate to the rest of this post. 

Finding the time to do what you enjoy when you have a baby is hard. Really hard! My blogging rate has dipped dramatically over the last few months, and occasionally it gets to me. I love writing about our adventures as a family, and can’t wait to use it as a record of this amazing change to mine and Lucy’s lives. Therefore it gets a bit frustrating when you can’t keep a track of everything that’s been happening!


Why have I been so quiet? Couple of reasons really – the house move has taken up way more of my evenings than I thought, and the last few weeks have been peak report writing season in the day job. On the plus side, most of the main things (note Lucy, I said main things, I know there’s loads we want to do!) are done in the house and I’m trudging through the dissertation’s worth of comments. I put a lot of thought and care into them, but this can be a bit of a time-sink. Lucy’s back to work too now, which has meant another significant change that I’m looking forward to writing about.

And I have certainly had a lot to write about and share with you. I guess I’ll just have to get used to posting things retrospectively more often…

Here’s just a short list of things that have happened in the last month…

  • she’s fallen in love with Yoda
  • she’s almost certainly saying ‘Dada’
  • she was ten months old, and the following month has just disappeared and all of a sudden she’s nearly a year old
  • she took her first steps a week after she started crawling
  • she’s clapping and responding to words a lot more
  • she’s getting more teeth
  • she’s still awesome
  • we’ve been on loads of adventures, and I have had a brief glimpse into what it was like for Mum and Dad and the three of us in school holidays (and have waaaay more respect for them now, haha!)
  • the babyproofing so far has gone pretty well. I think it’s fair to say it’s not exactly been properly tested yet though!
  • she’s really into books, and I really want to get back into writing more reviews like this

So basically, things are still going well in our little bit of the world, and once reports are out of the way, I will be on it more often with the blog. Like I said, I’ve got a lot to talk about before she’s a year old…even including the rather random inspiration for the hashtag #parentingisawesome (a cookie for anyone who guesses in the comments unless you already know!) and future blog plans!

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