“We’re going to need a bigger bin…”

Those fans of famous film lines will get this post’s title: my wife did not. As a Film Studies graduate, I’ve had to learn since that not everyone knows lines from a silly number of films (I wish this was what my degree involved!), but equally to take any opportunity to shove one in where possible!

I’m going to work on the assumption that you, my esteemed readership, are film fans and therefore know which film the title refers to. If you don’t, I’ll let you know next time.

One of the many things that people don’t tell you about newborns – they generate a LOT of rubbish! I am almost certain we’ve gone quite a while on one bin bag (yay for recycling and food bins!) in the past. This last month, we’ve had some awkward timings with bin collections, leading to Beatrice’s first trip to the local tip (she loved it, thanks for asking). 7 bags successfully removed from our garage, then off for tea and cake (more on that to come, it’s a major perk!).Be prepared for this, our top tip is to get the air out of the nappy bag before putting it in the bin. This may or may not improve the aerodynamics on your Nappylmpics throws, so give it a go!

The bins were collected this Monday, so it remains to be seen if we need to return to the fascinating place that is our local tip – the scale of stuff always surprises me, as does the fading collection of broken Fisher Price merchandise. I’m sure I’ll be taking our own FP collection to the big playpen in the sky at some point. It doesn’t seem like any sentiment needs to be attached to them though(going by the faces of the people chucking them away), phew! I’ll let you know in a fortnight if things improve.

So far, the explosive poo count has significantly reduced, Beatrice is suddenly a month old and so much has happened already! I cannot wait to see what month two brings…I’ve also got a few more post ideas ready to go, so please subscribe to get them all!

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