Dad Dancing Vol.1

So, you all knew the last post title was based on Jaws didn’t you…

…didn’t you?

If you didn’t, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it!

Anyway, onto post #5. I desperately wanted to call this ‘Now That’s What I Call Dad Dancing Vol. 1’ but it just didn’t seem catchy enough!

Those that know me know I’m partial to a boogie. Nobody bothered mentioning that boogieing with your baby is so much fun (even if it appears to be a one-sided affair most of the time!). The best bit of all is that Beatrice has no idea how bad I am!

This summer, Radio 1 have put together some cracking mixtapes that have got me through many a fraught nappy change over the last 5 weeks. This morning, which was in fact a very calm event, saw the most reaction out of little Beatrice to date. And I’m not surprised, this was practically her whole musical education in one half hour burst (note- I feel obliged to point out here the change didn’t take 30 minutes, but once we’d started there was no stopping us…we were on the move…ahem). I was particularly pleased with some of her favourites, and the mix has been downloaded for future dad dances. Sadly, they are only available for a month after downloading, so get yours here.

It kicks off with the Vengaboys classic We Like to Party which was met with a few approving wriggles and arm shakes.

Pitbull next. Not a fan. Phew.

Moves like Jagger went down well, she seemed impressed with my ‘Moves like Daddy’ cover version anyway!

A quick cheesey burst of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta followed by Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way(both with pitch perfect accompanying vocals, naturally). Seemed engrossed enough by the singing…

Straight into Daft Punk and Pharrell! Off the changemat for this one for some daddy/daughter jigs around the nursery! Bit of a modern day classic for her to get her gums in to.

Back to the mat for some Bon Jovi ( I told you this covered most of her musical education!) Livin’ On a Prayer. Not one of Daddy’s favourites, but persisted with getting the lyrics wrong anyway and Bea seemed to rate it!

From there into Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. I’m sure the message about not working for the man and living your own life got through to her. I’m almost positive that’s what those gurgles meant.

Clean Band went down a storm with Rather Be. This is excellent news. This track is one of our favourites, having listened to it over and over on our travels round New Zealand. Legs and arms flailing all over the shop (and Beatrice did some moves of her own of course!).

Bohemian Rhapsody next. Bloody BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY! Superb! She wasn’t too sure about the thunderbolts and lightning but seemed to nod approvingly at the guitar solos (one happy grandad right there!).

And just when you couldn’t cram any more classics into thirty minutes, S Club’s Reach only bloomin well came on…and she grinned! Lots of littles coos, gurgles and smiles throughout. Loved every second. More than happy to play that one over and over again!

Bit tired after that, so LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem didn’t get a look in really.

All in all, even if you hate all of those songs, you seriously have to try out all sorts of music with your baby. Pick them up, move around with them, move their arms and legs about, loads of eye contact and terrible singing- they’ll love  you anyway. The moment she started grinning away to S Club made my day! Sadly, no photos or videos exist of the events today. Perhaps they will in a future volume of  Dad Dancing…

…everyday I’m shufflin’ (with Beatrice).



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