A Belated Birthday Post

I’m sure every blogger can relate to what I’m going to call ‘Blogger’s Regret Syndrome’ – you have a great idea for a post, you might have even taken some really good photos and even written a few lines in your head. Then, for me at least, life/work commitments take over (obviously, including lots of time with Bea and Lucy!) and the moment passes, but the blog remains and lingers. This is one of those posts!

Apologies in advance to anyone who follows on Facebook or Instagram and is fully aware of anything already – I seem to be able to find 5 minutes here and there to post on those more easily – but it’s part of our story as parents and as such, has a place on here too!

So, the weeked party mentioned in my last post went to plan, with everyone chipping in, people driving in from all over the place and our garden was filled with ball pools and all sorts by the end. Beatrice also got her first, second and possibly got up to her fifth taste of chocolate – see the cake pic below- before her overindulgence got the better of her! Important life lesson that.

There was a great buzz and Bea loved every second of the attention too. At around 6pm, it was just the three of us. By 7pm, the clean-up operation was in full effect. It was no Glastonbury, but after assembling presents, sorting out all the various detritus (love that word!) and putting up her lovely cards, we were exhausted!

Another thing you don’t get told (possibly so you don’t come to rely on it or expect it) is how generous people are to your little one. She is fully kitted out out for whatever garden adventure she has planned now! Big thanks to everyone for their kindness and generosity.


Sharing a birthday- second time around

To be honest, this deserves a post in its own right. However, as I mentioned at the start, the idea for this post is a couple of weeks old now, and needs to get out to let new ones in! I said in my last post that you could find out why I was being a bad dad on her actual birthday. And, believe it or not, it wasn’t just me being selfish and disappearing off on a selfish ‘dadventure’ for my own birthday for the sake of it. I don’t think I’ll grow old of sharing my birthday with Bea to be honest, but I did feel really torn about having an unmissable event on the same day as her first birthday.

Granted, it’s probably the one she’ll remember least, so I’ll (we’ll) just about get away with it! Anyway, long story short, after spending the morning celebrating her birthday (good work Nanna by the way!), Lucy and I took a trip down to the House of Commons no less for an afternoon tea to celebrate a National Teaching Award I received in June. Now Lucy is fed up of me mentioning it, but this is only really going to happen once in my life, so I’m going to shout (quietly) about it. Lucy does a fantastic job of bringing reality back anyway. We actually had a lovely time, despite the logistics of it being a bit crazy as I had to get back to work on the Friday. There’s an even bigger ceremony in October, can’t wait!

So, essentially, I left my little girl with her grandparents on her first birthday to do something totally selfish. Still feeling a little bit guilty about it, but it’ll be a great story to tell her when she grows up (if Lucy lets me and doesn’t tell me off for going on about it…in fact I reckon Bea will probably tell me where to go as well before too long!).

More to come soon hopefully!




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