Designing a New Nursery

What was wrong with the first one I hear you all cry? Designing your baby’s nursery is an exciting, challenging and potentially stressful part of preparing for your little one’s arrival. When Lucy was pregnant, I was very keen to get it just the way we wanted it. Hours were spent poring over Pinterest and Google images (as everyone no doubt does), and all the style tips were generally ignored. We wanted something calm and neutral, no particular theme and that was about it really. Oh, and I really wanted to paint something exciting on the walls. The final result looked something like this:

The tree was really fun to do, and I had grand plans of it being a big feature of Bea’s life growing up (see the failed footprint ‘leaves’ at 19 days old in the picture below). The clouds were really easy and added that calming feel that we wanted.

So why am I talking about designing a nursery now?

One of the main reasons the blog has been so quiet over the last couple of months is that we’ve moved house. So that meant a new nursery for Bea. Thankfully, I’d done such a good job last time round (in Lucy’s eyes) that Lucy pretty much wanted a carbon copy in the new house – this meant, that in theory, Nursery Mk. 2 was going to be a fairly easy task.

Here are some pictures of the transformation. It took around 5 evenings of work, and I picked up some new skills along the way! The walls were not a particularly appealing, nor calming, set of colours. There were also nicks and lumps all over the place, so it took a long time to fill and sand the walls to the point where I was happy to get painting.

So first up was covering that horrible green…


Then onto the same green/magnolia combo that we had in our old house:

It didn’t all go to plan either. The masking tape wreaked havoc on the green!


Then onto the exciting part – bookshelves and murals! Thankfully, I’d kept the hand-drawn stencils, and more amazingly, had them to hand after the move!

The wardrobe got a coat or two of satin paint. We’d got it second-hand, and it was a little faded. This was the perfect opportunity to spruce it up for the new room. Took ages for the paint to dry though, and took two days to bring it up to scratch.


Then it was new skill time. The new house has kickstarted the DIY bug in me, so I had a go at cutting a blackout blind to fit and installing a brand new curtain rail!

And after 5 days of hard work and some pride in my newly-discovered DIY skills, here is the final result! The tree didn’t make the cut in the new room. We decided it was a bit creepy bare, and Bea doesn’t seem too keen on making any extra handprints any time soon!


So there you have it! I’m back on the blogging wagon and we’re all settled into our new abode. How did you decide on your nursery? What did you end up going for? Let me know in the comments below!

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