Beacember Advent Calendar Day #24

We made it! 24 days of cataloguing the run up to our first Christmas day as a trio. Thanks to all of you for checking in and I hope you’ve enjoyed it! It’ll be great to look back on, but don’t go expecting daily blog posts again any time soon!

Today was spent treating ourselves to a lunch out in town, getting some few final treats for Beatrice and you won’t be surprised to hear, ending it with cake. Once we got home, it was time to make the cookies for Father Christmas, play some board games and watch another Christmas film before I write this and we go off to bed (Beatrice went to sleep a while ago- I’m sure she was very excited…probably not as much as we are!). I’m pleased to report that Father Christmas will certainly enjoy his stopover at ours as the cookies are delicious! The reindeer know where to come thanks to another gift that I didn’t get around to squeezing into a post! Daddy’s little helper had a part to play too!

After making the cookies, it was bath time and a quick bedtime story:



Behind our final advent ‘door’ are the two items I teased yesterday, one from Grandma and another from Nanna, both gorgeous!


First up is this cute personalised bear, that is sure to be a firm favourite at this time of year! We won’t give it to Bea just yet as she’ll just lick it, but I’m sure she will grow to absolutely love it!


And the last item is another soon-to-be traditional item, this stunning handmade stocking by Grandma! Lucy and I were amazed when we saw this, and I genuinely have no idea what’s in store for Beatrice tomorrow!

Right, that’s me done! Have a great Christmas everyone and see you soon!

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