Beacember Advent Calendar Day #16

Did you hear that? You know, the big overwhelming’aaaaah’? No it’s not the sound of parents cooing over their newborns. It’s teachers finally collapsing into sofas and sighing now that term’s over(that joke definitely works better when read aloud!). I love my job, but the mad dash to Christmas is exhausting! Can’t wait to recharge the batteries over the next couple of weeks (and hopefully catch a Star Wars screening at some point of course).

Yesterday’s reveal was a little bit cheeky. It’s Beatrice’s first ‘Christmas present.’

Basically, as I’ve mentioned before, she’s taking a real interest in different textures at the moment, and we’ve noticed a real shift in how she is actively trying to grab and interact with things (and importantly, not always with the intention of shoving it in her mouth!).

At one point, she started to get dangerously close to unwrapping a present by pawing at it (which of course, we as curious and naive parents- correction, I, as a curious and slightly stupid parent- allowed, sorry, encouraged her to do), we decided to quickly wrap something close to hand. So it’s here, on the internet, in front of tens of people (love to you all-I’ll be posting about the stats at some point!) that I will confess. Her first ‘Christmas present’ from her parents was a cushion. I mean, it’s a perfectly acceptable cushion, and she loves the bumpy texture of one side, but it’s not really going to place on the top 10 most wanted lists any time soon!


Back to more orthodox items tomorrow…

day 17 teaser.jpg

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