Where has the time gone?

So…we’re back! Here’s a brief summary of what you’ve missed in the last 24 days…

  • Beatrice has almost doubled in weight (from her original birthweight, not in the last 24 days!)
  • She’s dribbling…a lot
  • We’ve moved up another size of nappy
  • She is a very chatty young lady!
  • I’ve successfully looked after her twice on my own with no major errors…
  • She completed her first term of swimming lessons
  • We’ve made a successful personal best in terms of long-distance journeys
  • Leo has moved back in!
  • We’ve heard the cutest giggle in the world! (Ok, so we’re possibly a bit biased on that one!)
  • Two more bookshelves have gone up (I can’t help it!)

Quite the eventful few weeks!

We’re up to day 107 as far as I can work out. She turned 15 weeks old yesterday, and it’s almost impossible to think back that far any more!

Things are still going well, which doesn’t always make for great blog material. However, this is what the blog is all about after all- focusing on the positives whilst taking a humourous look at the occasional moment that every parent has to face. What I can say is that I’m forever being impressed by the super-duo that is Lucy and Beatrice. I don’t want to fall into the stereotypical ‘work dad’ mode here, but the fact that she is such a happy and chilled baby has everything to do with how Lucy has adapted to a new routine. I’m not exactly surprised, as anyone who knows Lucy probably wouldn’t be either, but it makes me proud to see that bond between them get ever stronger. Here are a few photos to make up for the lack of silly anecdotes…(they’ll follow in the next couple of posts, I promise!)

Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep up that closeness from the summer too. Beatrice’s face lights up whenever either of us make eye contact, and honestly, it’s the best thing in the world. Why no-one ever tells you that above all else when you’re an expecting parent I’ll never know.

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