Epsiode 2: The Employer Strikes Back

Another geeky film reference to open this post! Even more confusingly, episode 2 of Star Wars is Attack of the Clones (officially, though to most fans it will still be Empire). Anyway, geek credentials established, back onto the blog! The number 2 also represents the new size of nappy we’re currently experimenting with!

Firstly, just how good have the Paralympics been? Beatrice is lucky to be born into a time where literally anything is possible! Such a strong message for us as parents to pass on to her when she’s older. They are such incredible people and role models!

They have also been the backdrop to my evenings this week. On Monday I re-entered the classroom, and all the fun and games that comes with it. For the first two mornings, Beatrice decided that she’d have a lie in, and going off to work without a hug and a smile was very, very difficult! I know I should be grateful that I was having a good sleep, but I had got used to a routine of breakfast cuddles!

Photos are all over my classroom and I think the children aren’t fed up of me mentioning her yet…the staff might be! It’s a real motivator to get home earlier, and so far I’ve been home in time for all the important bits of the evening routine. We’re just getting into trying to settle her down at the same time and so far it’s all gone well! Obviously I’ve jinxed it now by mentioning it here, but I’ll take a week of good sleep!

Keeping track of feeds, nappies and supplies needs some complicated Maths!

Reflecting back on the first week of our new life, it’s going to be strange adjusting and keeping on top of work, but the teamwork is going well- Lucy is definitely keeping busy and Beatrice seems to remember who I am! We’ve just spent a lovely day out with Nanny and Grandad, with Beatrice narrowly making it home in her final set of clean clothes and it’s like being back on holiday again! Monday can wait a bit longer as far as I’m concerned!

Expect a couple of random short posts during the week, sorry I kept you waiting so long! My tenth post too, quite chuffed with that, and 400 people from all over the world have been checking in on what we’re up to! Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, and I hope you get a chance to read the older posts too if you’re a newcomer to the site. If you think you know someone who might like it, try the share buttons at the bottom of the page for your social media of choice. Cheers!


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