Best Summer Ever (Part 2)

Previously on ‘Best Summer Ever‘…

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Part one was all about the perks of paternity leave. Okay, let’s be honest, it was about food. Which is a perk, so it counts.

Part two is about that first overnight trip away. I know many people will think us  a bit mad going away when Beatrice was only a month old, but again, it’s not as impossible as you first think! Granted, we stayed in a little holiday chalet on the east coast, rather than a hotel room, but the principles are probably similar. It was also only 40 minutes from home, so if we were really desperate we could hightail it back to Norwich if needed!

Tip #1 – set up a changing base. There are two thoughts at the foremost of any new parent. How will I change them and how will I feed them? (Just so you know, the former leads to another undiscovered parenting superpower, that of the sixth sense for a baby change room). At home, you’ve probably got at least one area dedicated to the sole purpose of the removal of wee and poo from your little one’s nether regions. When you’re not at home, it’s perfectly natural to panic about it. Priority one for us was establish a changing area, complete with carpet covering.

Travelodge and their evil twin Premier Inn have a seemingly never-ending supply of massive tables in every room which will be more than happy to accommodate your changemat, change bag, bag for the change bag, new pack of nappies, new pack of wipes, cotton wool, cuddly toy, a used nappy bag you forgot about on the last trip, and anything else you’ve decided necessary.

The feeding worry depends entirely on your personal situation, so as long as you’re confident either way, you’ll be fine!

Tip #2 – Prepare to pack more vests than you thought possible. We nearly had to go home early. You’ll also need to cram both of your belongings into a case that would make Ryanair wish it could get away with letting you have something so small. There’s not a lot of space in the car once your travel system, moses basket and everything else is in the car!

Back to the trip. We planned for three nights, partly expecting to only make two of those before losing sanity. I’m proud to tell you we managed all three. It was a lovely few days with very few distractions (no wi-fi…), and a chance to take stock of the whirlwind that was month 1.

There was no way the pram was getting onto the shingle beach, so it was time to crack out the baby sling. We rented one from a local sling library, who were brilliant at helping us get it set up. You can see me modelling it below!

We also spent the days milling about, and using the pram as an excuse to walk around and eat ice cream as we did so. There was also a lot of strategic walking and parasol bending to keep Beatrice as covered as possible! If she’s got my skin, she’s doomed!

There was an incident involving our first leaky public nappy, but again, the ever-reliable and stocked change bag saw us through, as did a worrying amount of anti-bacterial hand gel!

Overall, I’d thoroughly recommend getting out there with your baby as soon as you feel up to it. You won’t regret it and will possibly get opportunities like I did in watching the sun rise…(there are still positives to getting up early!)

I’m going to miss my two favourite people tomorrow!



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